A little about me

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am an artist wearing many hats, living in Toronto.  Drawing and painting have always been my thing and lucky for me I get the opportunity to make a living by it (mostly).  I have been illustrating for over 15 years for various projects.  Most recently illuminating  letters to make Name Boxes (custom ordered children’s name mementos) and opening my shop Art Patisserie on Etsy; www.etsy.com/shop/artpatissere and a store front location in the Arts Market, 1114 Queen Street East, Toronto www.artsmarket.ca .  I am also a scenic artist and have painted for most local theatre companies in Toronto.  The latest show I worked on was Blue Planet at YPT.  I hope you enjoy looking at my blog.


8 Responses to “A little about me”

  1. michael dinwoodie Says:

    Just stumbled upon your site. Love your illustrations!

  2. Melissa Attard Says:

    Great Work Ellie, you’ve def caught my attention…….are u taking orders for Xmas???

  3. Tamara levitt Says:

    Hi Ellie,
    I’d like to get in touch with you. Is there an email that I could connect with you at? Your website appears to be down. Love your work. Could you please contact me at the email below?
    Thanks so much, Tamara

  4. Laura (McNamee) Isaac Says:

    I saw your art from Jenny’s facebook and had to check it out. I absolutely love the Christmas/snow themed ones. You are so very talented and sounds like you keep busy too. Between kids and work, there isn’t much time to be bored!
    Anyway, just thought i would let you know how awesome it is and i hope you are doing well!

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